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  1. a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications. synonyms:recommendationreference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendationendorsement.

  2. I put up a Facebook status asking if anyone wanted to write a testimonial for my website and this is what I received. These people were not paid, bribed, or forced. These testaments are completely voluntary and honest. I am thankful beyond words for these people and for all of my supporters. I am nothing without you all 😩🙌🏿✊🏿 

Darnisha Monson

High School English Teacher


Briana Miller

Occupational Therapist 

LIVE. FUN. AMAZING. CRAZY. DYNAMIC. SPICY. I can go on and on about how LIT Seobia's kickboxing class is! It's crazy how powerful social media is because I saw an ad for the kickboxing class on Facebook. I didn't know who Seobia was however that changed instantly when she welcomed me with the warmest smile accented by a beautiful purple lipstick. YES, she has the best workout outfits ! I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! I burned 500 calories, smiled the entire, challenged myself, and Turnt Up all at the same time ! Also, Seobia has not only motivated me to work harder toward my fitness goals, but facilitated deep reflection about things that are happening in this world. After a month of attending kickboxing at Healthy Hood with Seobia, I feel like family! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met Seobia and been able to be her student ! I'm not going anywhere SO see you in class ! 

Kamerin chambers

Adrenaline Program Manager

Google Media Lab

My friends and I decided to make 2017 the year of fitness and was determined to find a fitness class that was fun, worked our muscles to help reach our personal fitness goals and that's consistent to keep us accountable to work out regularly. I stumbled upon Seobia's Instagram page after a friend referred her weekly Cardio Kickboxing class. I couldn't believe how reasonable her class was and loved how the studio she teaches at was is located in the heart of Pilsen's vibrant art district. After taking Seobia's Cardio Kickboxing class in early January, I'm happy to say I've been going ever since. Seobia pushes you to put in the work to get the best results. I love how she meshes kickboxing, Pilates, dance and ends with yoga and meditation. She not only challenges you to stimulate your physical muscles, but also your mental muscles. Coming out of her class makes you feel physically and mentally empowered and you're glowing with positive energy. An added bonus - she has the best playlist that pairs perfectly with her fitness routines and keep you pumped! 

christina cuartero

cps special education/els teacher

Seobia's classes are a perfect balance in physical and mental well being. You're getting a whole experience of self worth and self work. She pushes you to challenge your body to do better while also pushing you to get your mind to a point of active reflection. Her classes are extremely fun, I've never wanted to have this many friends join me in exercise! Cardio, kickboxing, twerking...I've asked all my friends to come and they've all come back. We all need something to keep us healthy, keep us fun and creative, Seobia does all of that. You know that however you come into her class, you're leaving knowing that you and your day is just a little bit better.

ariana taylor

it consultant

In 2011, I reached out to Seobia at the weight of 209 pounds in order to become a healthier me with her assistance. Seobia gladly took me on as her client at Gold's gym located in Bloomington, IL. Not only did push me beyond my limit 3 days a week, she also checked in with me on non-training days to ensure that I was eating correctly. After roughly 6 months with Seobia as my trainer, I lost 30 pounds! I learned to implement all of her nutritional tips into my own life and 6 years later I still do. She is incredibly knowledgable of what it means to eat better, train smarter, and ultimately live a healthy lifestyle. I recommend Seobia to any individual looking to lose weight, tone up, or just understand how to be a healthier you. 

stephanie gore

salon owner/ esthetician & nail technician

Seobia is so amazing at encouraging people to be the best them that they can be. Her class was awesome! She gave modifications for every single move she did and I think that's great because she understands that not everyone can do the more advanced moves and everyone isn't on the same level. She made the more difficult parts easier even though she still pushes you. She starts and ends her class with an awesome little speech that has you seriously thinking about changing your every decision. I love her and I love her class!

Kameel cochran

customer service rep


Ever since I've known Seobia, she's been about health and wellness. We started out cheerleading together and she always went above and beyond during the exercise portion of practice. She was always looking to increase her flexibility. To this very day she is still the same way. She pushes and encourages others to reach their highest potential so that they can reach their fitness goals. Her cardio kickboxing classes are not only fun but they're challenging. She reminds you and makes it fun to EMBRACE THE BURN! She definitely practices what she preaches and it's so rare that you find people who do. If you're looking for a fun way to exercise and blow off some steam, attend one of her classes. I promise you won't regret it. She works great with all fitness levels so whether you're intermediate and just starting out or you're a fitness guru, Seobia can help you achieve your fitness goals. Check her out ;)

janet Hernandez

stay at home mother of 3

My name is Janet and I started taking Seobia's Cardio Kickboxing class in the summer of 2016. At that time I was struggling to commit to a consistent workout schedule. Although I'm a stay-at-home mom, I struggled to find the time or motivation to commit to exercise.  Seobia's class was an excellent place to start! Her Cardio Kickboxing class was challenging but fun and full of energy! She did a fantastic job of explaining her routine step by step.  Seobia also taught me essential stress-relieving techniques that I use frequently. She stressed the importance of appreciating your body and celebrating your fitness achievements. I was hooked and never missed a class that summer. I noticed my body getting stronger with every passing week. I know Seobia and her class were essential in motivating me to live a healthier and more active life! 

whitney mittons

student diversity specialist

I met Seobia in college and I can honestly say that she is and has always been passionate, bold, and inspirational! That is the exact vibe that I get when attending her cardio kickboxing class. Her instructional style is exactly what I need to be excited about working out! High energy, informative, and attentive! She won't let you slack with bad form or posture and she will definitely inspire you to give your workout 100%! She even created a personal fitness plan for me that I still use to this day. When it comes to fitness Seobia is definitely #goals. 

Angela ng

project designer

I'm so happy that I attended Seobia's class a month ago. I feel empowered by her encouraging words and amazing energy. I do not consistently work out but I really want to now. So grateful that Healthy Hood exists and that Seobia is there!  I am trying to attend her classes twice a week, but so far the record has been once :)

porscha stevens, MSW

social worker

I've known Seobia for about 5-6 years. I met her at Illinois State University through mutual friends and since then we've stayed connected. Seobia has encouraged, motivated, pushed, and constructively criticized me to help transform me into a physically and mentally stronger person, and for that I thank her. For the longest of time I've struggled with eating healthy but had no problem with going to the gym. Seobia continues to elaborate on the importance of a healthy diet, being sure to educate me on what and what not to feed my body. Attending Seobia's fitness classes at both ISU and Healthy Hood has progressively made me better. Her passion for health and fitness truly has been an inspiration for me to make healthy lifestyle changes, and I'm now reaching my fitness goals. What I love most about my experience thus far with Seobia is her ability to connect the mind, body, and soul, incorporate positive affirmations throughout her class, and make herself available when needed. Some phrases she goes by that stick with me are "take life one second, one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year at a time" and "take a deep breath in, exhale, and LET IT GO." 

cari johnson


Hello! My name is Cari Johnson and I am a hairstylist in Chicago's West Loop area. I have known Seobia since our college days at Illinois State University. She has always had an amazing body and I always wanted to know her routine! I began to focus on my health more and heard that Seobia was teaching a Cardio Kickboxing class at ISU's Recreation Center. I haven't looked back since! I've followed her to Healthy Hood Chicago and the classes are amazing! Seobia is fun, patient, and full of positivity! She will give you the workout of your life in the most caring way! The twerking is also a bonus for us! If you want to have fun and get a full body workout, you need this class!

Tiana Morris

Business Manager
Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics

I'm so glad I get the opportunity to speak about this amazing woman Seobia! There's so many words that can describe her class. Amazing and inspirational are my two favorites! Seobia does her thing by keeping us encouraged while pushing us towards our goals. Her positive energy is indeed infectious allowing me to feel motivated throughout the whole class. The routines are incredible being both challenging and fun to do! I would say to anyone looking for an uplifting class full of energy this is the place to be!

Denisha maddie

Therapist in Training- The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Co-Host- Back II Reality Podcast Series

When it comes to Health and Fitness, Seobia is always my go-to inspiration. Working out has always been overwhelming and intimidating for me. Seobia’s classes not only challenge my body, but they also challenge my mind to fight those thoughts of giving up. I’ve gained more knowledge about my posture and my form while working out under Seobia's supervision. I’ve also become more conscious of foods that I’m eating. Her classes are extremely challenging, but they are also rewarding and so much FUN! She’s so informative and passionate! Chicago is blessed to have her!

Kimberly Simms

Lab Coordinator and Real Estate Broker

I was introduced to Seobia’s cardio kickboxing class by a great friend of mine, Kameel Cochran.  I remember my first day.  I was very nervous and thought I would look silly.  However, Seobia creates a comfortable atmosphere for everyone taking her classes.  I have been going to Seobia’s classes a little under a year and I must say it truly changed my life.  I am always so busy, but I try to clear my schedule as much as I can for these classes.  They are a stress-release for me and definitely heal my body and mental as well.  I have lowered my level of stress TREMENDOUSLY, and also have pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, both in the workouts, and in my personal life.  I enjoy her classes because they are intense but so fun!  If I miss a class I feel like my week is incomplete.  Seobia is so inspiring and I am grateful to have met her.

Daphyne Walker

Academic Advisor- Illinois State University

Seobia was my first and only personal trainer.  I met her when she was a student at Illinois State University in my role as her undergraduate advisor.  She told me then that she wanted to be a fitness professional and that she would spend her life helping people reach their fitness goals.  I am so happy to see her fulfill some of her dreams.  She is an awesome individual and a fantastic trainer!

Maria Pielli

Service Industry

I've known Ce-Ce (Seobia) since her freshman year in High School (2009). I consider her one of my daughters. She has the grit & drive of a lion. She has always had a soul that is pure, loving, and faithful. You would be lucky to have this woman in your life. She would make a BIG (positive) difference in it! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK CECE!!