At the end of the day, no one can take your mind away. I find comfort in that statement. When all else fails your mind is there to cheer you up or to tear you down. Which one is it going to be? In my Cardio Kickboxing class I’m constantly reminding my participants about how relevant it is not only to work on strengthening our bodies, but to also practice strengthening our mental muscles. Flex your mental muscles people! Working out can give you a lot more than just superficial benefits (that flat stomach you’ve been wanting, the bigger booty, the toned arms). Working out can discipline your mind and transform you into a strong minded, unstoppable, individual who can make decisions based on facts and not feelings.

I have participants who drive more than 30 minutes to get to my Cardio Kickboxing class. Some are currently working a job they hate and others are struggling with eating healthy. Most likely they’ve had a long day at work, are ready to be at home, have kids to attend to, or let’s face it, this is Chicago, it’s cold. People wanna cuddle up under their blanket (or bae), asap. Bottom line is, are you going to let your mind trick you into falling for its excuses? (Pushing things back another day.) OR is your inner voice going to prevail by whispering (or shouting):

💪🏿    “Remember your goals”

💪🏾    “Push thru”

💪🏽    “It’s only for [1 hour], it’ll be over before you know it”

💪🏼     “You got this!”

💪🏻     “Just get it done”

💪🏿    “Just do it”

💪🏾     “You’ll be so proud of yourself once it’s over”

💪🏽    “Don’t talk about it, be about it”

Talk to yourself. In your head, out loud, it doesn’t matter. Just be sure to make it positive, encouraging, and convicting. Personally, when my inner voice is weak, I like to flex my mental muscles by:

💪🏾    Turning on uplifting music

💪🏻    Calling my parents/mentors/friends

💪🏿      Praying/ meditating

💪🏼    Repeating a mantra/quote/song lyrics

💪🏽     Journaling

Find out what works best for you, but be patient with yourself. Strengthening your mental muscles takes time, dedication, practice, trial & error, and strong will power…just like any other goal. Take it one second, one minute, one day, one thought, at a time. Before you know it, your mental muscles will be stronger than ever and so will you.